First Security Flaw In Google’s Android Operating System Discovered

by DB on October 27, 2008

The first security exploit in Google’s new operating system for mobile devices, the Android, has been found. NSA computer security specialist, Charles Miller, has been credited with this discovery. Miller had already notified Google in advance before making the exploit known to the world.

Miller says that the exploit in Android comes from a browser flaw where malware and spyware can get installed on the device to record the keystrokes of users. Such malicious applications then transfer the recorded key strokes to online thieves indulging in Identity theft.

Google says the severity of this discovered flaw is not very high and is not likely to affect users because Android has several “compartments” in its design that provides multiple layers of security. Google is already working on fixing this flaw and is expected to release a browser patch very soon. For more on this story, head to the New York Times article on this newly found flaw in Android.

Google – You are now at the footsteps of a world similar to the “flawed” world of Microsoft!!

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