Screenshots & Screen Captures Using Aviary – No Extra Software Needed

by DB on July 31, 2009

My favorite screen capture tool is Cropper. Cropper is a light weight utility that gets the job done (but needs the .NET framework) for me. But this new web based tool, called Talon, from Aviary will do screen capture and screenshots of web pages without the need of any specialized software. All you need to do is prefix the website URL (of the web page) in your browser  with (even before the http://)

For example, to take a screenshot of, all you need to do is change the url to “”. This will take you to aviary’s screen capture tool that will then automatically provide you with a screen capture of You can then choose from a variety of image editing tools like resize, crop, Rotate & Flip among others to edit the screen capture. You can also choose the screen resolution, quality, region of the web page and browser/OS that you would like for the screen shot to be generated. Here is a screen capture that i was able to generate in no time (I was also able to resize the image to 400×300).


Aviary also provides a firefox plugin that will do the same job as their web based tool. The web based tool can also be directly accessed at

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