Gmail Can Now Add Your Current Location To Your Signature Using IP Detection

by DB on February 11, 2009

Yet another new feature has been added to Gmail Labs. You can now opt to automatically add your current location to your email signature in Gmail. This feature was created by Marco Bonechi, a Software Engineer at Google, during his 20% time that Google allows employees to work on personal projects. Marco says that your public IP address is used to figure out your current location and also warns that the location may not be accurate. To get a more accurate location, make sure that you have Google Gears on your Browser.

This is what your signature will look like after your turn on ‘Location In Signature’ feature in your Gmail settings  (Signature preferences->Append your location to signature).


A word of caution if you are a cheating spouse or a lying employee – you will probably not want to turn on this new feature.

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