Google Analytics Showing Wrong Numbers For Search Engine Traffic

by DB on October 21, 2008

Today I received this image from a buddy of mine. He was looking at the stats of one his website using Google Analytics and found the numbers to be all messed up.

As you can see Google Analytics says that Search Engines sent 103.10% of the total traffic received by his website, which is definitely not possible. You add up all the numbers (4.96 + 2.17 + 103.1 = 110.23%) and it is above the max of 100%. Has anybody seen these kind of problems before?. I have not seen anything like this before at least while using Google Analytics.

The only reason I can think for these messed up numbers is that the Analytics tool might not have fully completed the collection of numbers from the website, when my buddy was checking his stats. I have seen times when reporting is delayed by as many as 24 hours and it might just be a matter of time before Google Analytics catches up.

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