Google India Employees Roshni Mukherjee And Hari Shankar Still Missing After Gautami Express Train Accident

by DB on August 7, 2008

Two Google India employees Roshni Mukherjee (26) and Hari Shankar (28) are still missing. The couple who got married last year were in the ill-fated S-10 coach of Gautami Express which was involved in an accident last week. Another third Google India employee Ashok who was traveling with the couple managed to escape from the burning flames.

Both Roshni and Hari Shankar are wildlife photography enthusiasts as per their colleagues in Google.

The couple’s colleagues in Google said that Roshni and Hari have been enthusiasts of wildlife photography for a long time. “Whenever they get time, they used to go off on tours trying to explore new vistas in wildlife. They were also deep into ornithology,” a colleague recalled. “They both sport tattoos, which should help the authorities in identifying them. But I am fearing the worst,” she said.

[Via : TimesOfIndia]

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