Why Hosting Your Website/Blog On A Web Server In The Basement Of Your House Is A Bad Idea?

by DB on February 10, 2009

I have thought about this many times before. Would it not be cheaper for me to host my websites and blog on a web server in my basement? Isn’t it more cheaper to do it this way? It might be cheaper, but it definitely brings more trouble and stress with it. You will end up spending more time on the hardware, configuration, backup & other server related activities than on creating quality content for readers/users of your blog/website.

PCMech’s Rich Menga also thinks it is a bad idea. The reasons he outlines are:

  1. US based ISPs (& maybe other countries too) say “No Servers” in their Acceptable Use Policy for regular consumer grade broadband connections.
  2. The Web Server at home will run slow and choke in the face of some heavy traffic.
  3. The Web Server at home will be an open target. In other words, you will probably spend more time and money securing it from hackers.

Rich explains each of his reasons in detail. Make sure you check them out at PCMech.

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