How To Embed YouTube Videos To Show High Quality and High Resolution Videos On Your Blog Or Website

by DB on August 12, 2008

YouTube allows bloggers and webmasters to embed YouTube videos in blogs and websites. Recently YouTube started to make available select videos in 480×360 resolution offering higher quality than the original 320X240 resolution videos. The embed code offered on YouTube pages do not offer the video in higher quality. This can be accomplished with a small change in the code.

To display higher quality YouTube videos add &ap=%2526fmt%3D18
to the end of the url in the src parameter.

Take a look at the following videos, to see the difference in quality. The player on the right is the one playing the higher quality video and has the &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 string appended. Notice how the images are a lot sharper and better in quality.

India will celebrate its 61st Independence Day on August 15. This video shows the Indian national anthem sung by a host of indian musicians

If you are not comfortable with HTML, you can use Twittervlog’s embed code generator or VTubeTools’ Custom Player Generator to do the same.

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