iPhone Tips And Shortcuts

by DB on July 22, 2008

Here are some quick tips and shortcuts for the new iPhone 3G and iPhone Ver 1 with 2.0 Software.

1. Shortcut to type Top-Level Domains (TLD) other than .com

Hold down the .com key on your iphone keyboard and you will now see options for .net, .edu and .org. Previously only the .com was a shortcut and now Apple has also made it possible to get country TLD options when you press down on the .com key. To do this add your preferred keyboards by going to the setting menu on your iPhone.

iphone TLD selection

Here is the full list of TLDs available depending on the country/language keyboard you choose [Via:macworld.com]

Danish: .org, .nu, .dk
Chinese Simplified (Pinyin): .org, .sg, .cn
Chinese Traditional (Pinyin): .org, .hk, .tw
Dutch: .edu, .org, .nl
English (U.K.): .edu, .org, .co.uk
Finnish: .edu, .org, .fi
French: .edu, .org, .fr
French (Canada): .edu, .org, .ca
German: .edu, .org, .de
Italian: .edu, .org, .it
Japanese (QWERTY/Kana): none
Korean: .ac.kr, .or.kr, .kr
Norwegian: .edu, .org, .no
Polish: .edu, .org, .pl
Portuguese (Brazil): .edu, .org, .br
Portuguese (Portugal): .edu, .org, .pt
Russian: .edu, .org, .ru
Spanish: .edu, .org, .es
Sweden: .org, .nu, .se

2. Shortcut for “.”

Tap the space bar twice on the keyboard and this will insert a full-stop (“.”) instead of a whitespace.

3. Save your battery power when not in 3G range

The iPhone 3G is becoming notorious for its bad battery life. Even when you are not in 3G range, the iPhone tries hard to get a working 3G signal and drains the battery pretty fast. When you know you are not in a good spot to receive a 3G signal, go to Settings and turn off 3G. Hopefully, Apple will release an update for this to make the iPhone automatically turn off 3G when not in range.

4. Capture screenshots and save web images on your iPhone

You are probably aware of this already. To grab a screenshot of your current iPhone screen, hold down the home button and press the power button once. You will see a white flash on the screen and then go to the camera roll to see the saved image.

You can also save an image from a webpage displayed on the Safari Browser just as easily. Tap and hold on the image you want to save and you will see a popup with an option to save the image. When you save the image, it will go to the camera roll.

Save images from webpages on iphone

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