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by DB on July 24, 2008

Why pay for your favorite magazine when you can read it all online for free? You can read your favorite magazines on the following websites without spending any money. is an online community where readers upload magazine content, articles, pictures, brochures and catalogues among other things. It also has social networking built in so that readers can share articles with each other. mygazines’ flipbook reader interface lets readers turn pages with their keyboard or mouse and also zoom in on articles.  The site has a huge list of magazine issues ranging from mags like Discover, Time, PC world to Playboy and Penthouse. Mygazines is definitely in violation of a number of copyrights and am sure they would have already heard from the lawyers of big publishing houses.

mygazines - read your favorite magazines online for free

mygazines - Read Your Favorite Magazines Online For Free

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Zinio on the iPhone

Zinio is an online publishing and distribution services company enabling its consumers to search and purchase digital publications online. Zinio is currently offering its top-selling titles for free to iPhone and iTouch users. To read Zinio’s high resolution content, point your iPhone or iTouch’s safari browser to Zinio’s iPhone reader is very user-friendly and lets the reader zoom in on pages. Every page also has a “Share” button at the bottom that lets readers share content with their friends.

* When choosing a particular magazine to read, the website will prompt you to enter your email address to receive iPhone updates from Zinio, you can hit the cancel button, if you do not wish to give your email address.

Zinio Mag Reader For The iPhone

Zinio Mag Reader For The iPhone

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