Thesis 1.3 Version Released With New Features

by DB on October 22, 2008

Chris Pearson and DIYThemes are on a roll. New updates and improvements to the Thesis theme are coming out as fast as the attack ads of the presidential candidates. Thesis version 1.3 was released today with improvements to the “Design Options” for customizing the  look and feel of a blog running Thesis.

According to an email, I received from Chris Pearson today, these are the updates made to Thesis 1.3 in brief:

“You can now make ANY 1, 2, or 3 column layout. Want a 3-column design
with content in the middle? Done. How about 2 columns, with content on the
right? Gravy. Look for this new feature in the layout constructor portion
of the Design Options panel.
— The theme is now completely adorned with hooks that you can use to
inject content into specific places in the markup. Futureproofing your
customizations, working with plugins, and integrating ads are *perfect*
applications for Thesis’ robust hook system. This is a HUGE deal for all
users, and as a result, we’ll be covering this in detail on the site in the
weeks to come.”

I was excited after I received this email. Downloaded the new version, tested it and rolled it out on TechDugOut. The dashboard for the Thesis design options now has options to change the  column layout and to change the html framework from “Page Framework” to “Full-Width Framework”. Here is a screenshot of the new the design dashboard:

As you can see, I am using the 3 Column layout, and I now have the option to order the content column, sidebar 1 column and sidebar 2 column any way I like. I played with it to see what the Blog would like if i changed the order of the columns and here is what they look like:

Sidebar1, Content, Sidebar 2

thesis 3 column layout of sidebar1, content,sidebar2

Sidebar1, Sidebar2, Content

thesis 3 column layout of sidebar1, sidebar2, content

Content, Sidebar 1, Sidebar 2
thesis 3 column layout of content, sidebar1, sidebar2
For now I am going to stick to my current layout of Content, Sidebar1, Sidebar 2. I also like the S1, Content, S2 layout and may look to move to it in the future.

The Thesis template is a wonderful product and makes it easy to customize and change the look and feel. It has great customer support and updates and improvements are coming out fast. Also a new template, by the name “Cosmo”, is under development and will be given out to existing and future buyers of the Thesis template for free. Blogging is so easy when you use the Thesis template as you can spend more time on writing quality content rather than worrying about the design aspects of the blog.

If you would like to purchase the Thesis template, you can do so by going to the Thesis Website. You can buy a one site license for ($87) or a developer’s license (unlimited sites) for $164.

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