Vanishd Can Help Hide Inappropriate Browsing At Work From Your Boss And Co-workers

by DB on October 18, 2008

vanishd-can-hide-your-inapporiate-browsing-at-work A bunch of Engineering and Marketing folks are out there to help you hide your inappropriate browsing at work. They have gotten together to create Vanishd. You don’t have to worry anymore about your fingers not being fast enough for the ALT+TAB on your keyboard to hide your browser window.

Vanishd allows you to cover the webpage you are currently surfing with another webpage or document. After you login into your account on Vanishd and launch Vanishd, a toolbar appears on top with two textboxes. You can type the url of the inappropriate page you want to surf and the url of the cover page in those textboxes. Here is a video that shows a demo of what Vanishd can do.

This service is free, but you will to have to register an account on their website. For additional functionality like “Password Protection” and “Stealth Mode” you will have to upgrade your account to the premium membership.

One thing you should know is that this service will not work with Gmail, Yahoo mail and some other 2.0 websites.

[via: Lifehacker]

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