vCaddy – Golfmapz Releases New GPS iPhone App For Golfers

by DB on August 13, 2008

vCaddy is a new iPhone App Released by Golfmapz which uses the GPS on the new iPhone 3G to compute the distance to any hole on a golf course. vCaddy sells for $9.99 on the iTunes App Store.

How Does vCaddy Work?

vCaddy is an advanced range finder and computes the distance between you and the next hole by using GPS coordinates obtained from the GPS of your iPhone. vCaddy already has GPS Coordinate details of about 4800 courses in the US and have a goal of adding atleast one new golf course to its database every day. The courses that are currently supported by the app are listed here and you can request to add a new course here.

Is It Better Than Other GPS Rangefinders?

Some reviews about vCaddy say that the app is fairly accurate and has a very easy to use UI. The price is way less than what you would pay for real handheld GPS rangefinders like Skycaddie (sells for $260 and above) or for GolfTraxx. A couple of review writers felt that the App would be more useful if it can also be used as a score keeper. Overall, i think for $10 it is definitely worth buying.

Roadmap for vCaddy

Golfmapz says that they are also developing vCaddy for more platforms like the BlackBerry and Android.  They are also working on some “Top secret” additional features that they promise will be something you have never seen before.

What additional features will you guys add?
Top secret at the moment, new updates will be put on the news page. All the new features will be fresh and exciting, something you’ve never seen before, and great additions to your golf toolbox, the vCaddy.

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vCaddy - Golfmapz Releases New GPS iPhone App For Golfers ·
August 13, 2008 at 6:10 pm

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