WordPress Provides Preview Of New Menu System And DashBoard Of Wordress 2.7 Version

by DB on October 17, 2008

The WordPress development team has released a sneak preview of the new menu system and dashboard of WordPress 2.7. The 2.7 WP version is still under development, but promises a clean menu system and better dashboard functionality.

The following picture will give you an idea of what the new menu system will look like. Click on the image for a bigger version of the preview picture.

preview of the new menu system that will be part of WordPress 2.7 version

More on the new menu system, straight from the horse’s mouth :

Each section header has three parts: the icon on the left, the blue link text, and the area to the right where an expansion arrow appears on hover or in expanded state. You can see that the arrow is contained in a small segment of the header, similar to the way the favorites menu is structured. If you click on this segment, the menu will expand to show the choices in that section. Click again to close the menu. Click on the blue link text and you will go directly to the screen for the first choice in that section, where the section menu will be opened to show you the other section choices. Double-click on the section icon and the menu will close horizontally, leaving the icon list visible. In this state, hovering over the icons will display the menus for each section, so you’re still only a click away from most screens. Double-click on an icon when the menu is closed this way and it will take you to the first screen in that section. The small arrows attached to the dividing lines between menu groups will also act as open/close toggles for using the horizontal collapse/expand function.

The WordPress development team also released a preview image of the new dashboard that WP 2.7 will feature. Interesting additions to the new dashboard are the QuickPress functionality and Stats of daily views. The QuickPress is a great addition to enable bloggers to create quick blog posts. The Stats view with Top posts and Top Searches will give the blogger an idea of what his/her readership is more interested in reading. Here is the preview image of the new dashboard. Click on the image for a bigger version of the preview picture.

preview of the new dashboard system that will be part of WordPress 2.7 version

For more on the new features of WordPress 2.7, check out the set of wireframes put together by the WP development team. The wireframes document details the plans that the team has for WP 2.7

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